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The Biden Effect

Joe Biden began his presidency by recommitting the US to the Paris climate agreement and putting the climate change agenda back on the map. Along with several other executive orders, federal agencies will look to reinstate more than 100 environmental regulations and the US will withdraw from the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline. You can read more about it here.

GM latest to pledge to go carbon neutral

General Motors has announced that it will only make electric vehicles by 2030. It is also one of many companies pledging to become Carbon Neutral, hoping to achieve the goal by 2040. GM will use the Science Based Targets method with the aim of keeping the global temperature rise to 1.5C or less within the next 10 years. You can read more here.

The Robert Downey Jr Fund

RDJ has gone from solving fictional threats in the marvel universe, to solving real world ones. Last week, he launched the Footprint Coalition, designed to invest in companies making the world more sustainable. You can read more here.

The importance of investing in nature

Several startups are working on drawing carbon out of the air. However, not enough has been written about protecting local ecosystems while also capturing CO2. This is something that is vital to our planet’s future by protecting supply chains and avoiding mass migration. In this report, McKinsey identify the challenges and the opportunities of investing in carbon offsets.

Why we have entered the Climate Decade

Andrew Beebe, an investor at Obvious Ventures, outlines his view on why this is the decade for climate action. In this comprehensive article, he highlights corporate demand, lower cost, increased funding, millennial priorities, and increased regulation as key drivers for the shift in public perception and action.

Hitting a new milestone at Dodo

This month, we hit a new milestone by capturing over 250 tonnes of CO2 on behalf of our customers. One of our projects, the Brazilian Amazon Rosewood Conservation Project, also reached its investment goal globally and so will be retired. This incredible project protects over 180,000 hectares of land and captures over 550,000 tonnes of CO2 every year. Keep an eye out for our latest project next month!


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