The Dodo Newsletter #2

The latest news on climate change and sustainability.

Dodo is a platform that allows companies to become carbon neutral in just a few minutes. Each month, we round up all the latest news on climate change and the innovative solutions helping to solve the problem. If you want to receive the newsletter in your inbox each month, you can subscribe through the button below.

WeTransfer goes Carbon Neutral

WeTransfer is the latest tech company to go Carbon Neutral. They have plans to reduce their emissions by 30% over the next 5 years and become a B Corp company. The company will offset 2,364 tonnes of CO2, with over 80% of their emissions coming from their servers! You can read more about it here.

BlackRock pressuring Oil Companies

BlackRock has over £6 trillion in assets and is incredibly influential as an investor. It has taken a particularly strong position on climate change (no issue ranks higher) and has recently announced that it expects any company they invest in to disclose their emissions. BlackRock has also focused on this disclosure from Oil companies on their emissions and how they plan to reduce them. You can read more here.

Bill Gates on Climate Change

Bill Gates has just launched his book ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,’ where he says that solving climate change would be the “most amazing thing humanity has ever done.” His book outlines the ways in which we can use technology to transition every single aspect of society to net zero on emissions. You can watch an interview on YouTube here.

H&M raises €500m to cut emissions

H&M issued a €500m bond that was over 7 times subscribed. The capital will be used to cut its operational emissions by over 20% in the next five years, a 10% cut in emissions from its supply chain, and a 30% increase in recycled materials. You can read more here.

The growth in mushroom packaging

Companies are creating new ways to reduce the plastic waste in our planet. One such company is Mushroom Packaging who is turning mycelium mixed with naturally binding local byproducts to create a new type of packaging. The result is a non toxic, stable and fully compostable packaging that can be used to ship all sorts of products across the supply chain.

Dodo is joining the Imperial College Greenhouse programme

In February, we were successful in joining 14 other startups as part of Imperial College London’s Greenhouse Programme. For the next 12 months, we will be advised and funded by the team on the most effective ways to measure, reduce and offset carbon. The programme will be run from the Royal Institute in London where the Greenhouse Gas effect was first discovered in the UK!


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