The Dodo Newsletter #3

How to convince the board on sustainability, turning CO2 into stone, and our new tool and website our now live.

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Our new tool is now live

This month, we’ve launched a new tool that allows companies to accurately measure and reduce their emissions in just a few minutes. You can get an estimate of your company’s emissions based on your industry and you can also adjust each category for more accurate results. You can read on our launch here.

p.s we’ve also given our website a new look!

More sustainable animal feed

A UK startup has raised €8m to turn CO2 into animal feed. The process combines carbon and hydrogen to microorganisms in a fermentation process that creates a high protein pellet. This process has double the impact: 1) they use captured carbon from industrial sources, saving this from entering into the atmosphere 2) it avoids the need for soy, cutting down on deforestation. You can read more about it here.

The O2 arena to install mini turbines

The arena will install 10 mini wind turbines made from recycled plastic. These turbines can spin even with a gentle breeze and can power up to 23 homes. Although this isn’t enough to cover the arena’s entire energy bill, they plan to install more turbines to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. You can read more here.

Turning CO2 into stone

Bill Gates has backed (another) startup that is turning carbon dioxide into stone. The company captures and then dissolves CO2 in water, before injecting this into the ground where it turns to stone in less than two years. You can read more here.

Convincing boardrooms on the power of sustainability

A really interesting read on how to convince boardrooms on the benefits of sustainability. There are several perceived blockers that board-members face such as a lack of awareness, struggling to understand how to get started, and the expected financial cost. This article shows how to combat these fears, especially given that B Corps have had an average year-on-year growth rate of over 14%! You can read more here.

Sustainability explored

We spoke to Sustainability Explored about helping companies to measure, analyse and reduce their carbon emissions. We covered how companies can start understanding their emissions and what they can do to take action. You can have a listen here.


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