The Dodo Newsletter #4

New emissions targets from the UK & US, Netflix emits 1m tonnes of CO2, and how SMEs can become climate leaders.

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Google Earth shows the effects of climate change in a few seconds

Google Earth has partnered with NASA to launch a new update that allows you to see the effects of climate change in a given area. The tool combines over 50 years of satellite data to give a time lapse of areas like deforestation in the Amazon, the melting of the ice caps, or your local region. You can check it out for yourself here.

Netflix emits 1m tonnes of CO2

Netflix has released its figures on their carbon footprint, with the company emitting 1.1m tonnes of CO2. 50% of its footprint is due to movie production, 45% due to internal operations and just 5% due to cloud platform providers. However, this doesn’t include the emissions from users streaming its shows, which could account for a lot more (36g of CO2 are released based on streaming 30 mins). You can read more here.

Banksy vandalises painting to highlight climate change

Banksy’s new painting ‘Subject to Availability’ shows an updated version of the 1890 oil painting by Albert Bierstadt depicting Mount Rainier National Park. The painting is expected to be sold for £3+ million, with the artist having added an asterisk with the note “Subject to availability for a limited period only:” You can read more here.

Latest emissions targets from the US & UK

Joe Biden has committed the US to a 50% reduction in their emissions by 2030, nearly doubling the previous target that was set. In his address, Biden called this the ‘decisive decade’ and urged several nations to join together to solve the problem. On the back of this, the UK also revised its commitment to reduce over 78% of its emissions by 2035, a huge undertaking. You can read more on Biden’s announcement here.

New Zealand become first in the world for climate reporting

In a sign of things to come, New Zealand become the first country in the world to introduce a law that would require the financial sector to disclose the impact of climate change on their business and their investments. The goal is to highlight the possible risks of fossil fuel heavy investments and urge companies to switch to greener opportunities. If passed, the first disclosures will be required by 2023. You can read more here.

New articles from Dodo

We’ve launched three articles this month where we discuss the impact that carbon offsets can have, how companies can reduce their office emissions (only 1% of office emissions are due to paper), and how SMEs can be the the advocate for change (they account for 99% of companies in the UK and just over 50% of emissions!)


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