The Dodo Newsletter #6

New temperature records, carbon neutral laundry and our latest case study with the Shearwater Group.

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🥵 Canada smashes temperature records

Some towns in Canada are closer to the North Pole than to the equator, however a high of 49.6C was reached which broke records for the third straight day. Previously the temperature hasn’t broken 45C, almost 5 degrees lower than what was reached this week. You can read more here.

🧺 Oxwash raises round for carbon neutral laundry

UK based Oxwash has raised a further £2m to expand its energy and water saving laundry service. It’s estimated that laundry services globally release 14,000 tonnes of microfibres into the oceans every year while also using up lots of water and energy in the process. The company aims to sterilise fabrics using biodegradable chemicals and collects the laundry through electric bikes. You can read more here.

🔥 Amazon destroys millions of items each year

Amazon emits over 44 millions tonnes of CO2 each year with Jeff Bezos pledging over $10 billion to fight climate change. Despite this pledge, a recent report showed that the company is destroying millions of returned or defective items each year from just 24 fulfilment centres in the UK alone. In some weeks over 200,000 items are sent to landfill or are recycled. You can read more here.

🪄 Emma Watson invests in biodegradable plastics

It’s estimated that since 1950, more than 8 billion tonnes of plastic (1 tonne for every person on the planet) has been produced. Much of this goes direct to landfill, is burned up, or is recycled. A new company called FabricNano has created plastic products that are biodegradable. These are more expensive for now but over time the process is hoping to scale to make the final price in line with existing solutions. You can read more here.

☄️ The Sixth Extinction

This book makes the case that we are on the path to a sixth extinction event, except this time it’s human made. Like the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs, our current rate of greenhouse gas emissions, the overfishing of our oceans, and the loss of habitats is leading to an extinction event for humanity. You can read more here.

🌲 The Shearwater Group Case Study

We've been working with the Shearwater Group to measure and capture over 700 tonnes of CO2. In our first ever case study, we spoke to the group to understand the challenges of becoming carbon neutral and how Dodo has helped them. To learn more about the company and their experience working with Dodo, click on the link here.


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